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One night in Bolzano

Many times we drove from Munic to Milan and passed Bolzano every time.

This time not.

We decided to make a stop and walk through the city as we only received positive feedback from this little, not so little city.

Starting off, Bolzano is the third biggest city in South Tyrol- Italy with a population of around 108.000 people. Bolzano is seen as the connection or rather bridge of the South and North of Europe due to the three languages (Italian, German and Ladin) spoken.

In the city center you can find the beautiful Duomo di Bolzano cathedral with its Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The cathedral is astonishing and definitely my favourite part of the city.

Also, in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology you can find Ötzi the Iceman who is the oldest known human mummy. Through him, many researches have been conducted to explore and better understand the life during the Stone Age in Europe.

Accommodation- Goldenstern Townhouse

After walking through little streets, pathway tunnels and walked up and down some stairs, we finally arrived at the Goldenstern Townhouse.

It was already an adventure to get here which was great for us to get a first impression of the city.

picture via @goldenstern_townhouse

Goldenstern is a family business since 1870 which was held in many diverse business fields. However, the Rizzoli family is now running this beautiful design hotel located in the heart of Bozen, the townhouse.

The walls of the townhouse are more than 800 years old and you can feel the mixture of old architecture and modern city-centre-lifestyle in its design. Goldenstern Townhouse gives you the perfect ambiance and wonderfully displays the atmosphere of the city in all its corners.

We were not only impressed by its architecture.

For us, the best part of the hotel is the rooftop and the sauna located on top of the hotel.

Here you get a great view over Bozen. This fresh air is exactly what you need after a full day of walking though the city.

Pizzeria Trattoria Nussbaumer

For dinner we enjoyed a great pasta at Nussbaumer. There is nothing much to say than it is a trendy place, with good food, nice people and great drinks.

Overall, Bozen offers a lot of modern places with the mixture of great architecture and history. Only by walking through the little streets you can feel the historic vibes of the city.

Amazing for us was also to see the Italian Alps around you, no matter where you are; there was always a tiny part of the Alpes to see.