How Gen Z shapes our travel behavior

December 2, 2021

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the #FutureTravelSummit. One of the talks was about #GenerationZ and their travel behavior.

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the #FutureTravelSummit. One of the talks was about #GenerationZ and their travel behavior.

Gen Z, also known as “zoomers”, is the demographic succeeding millennial and preceding Generation Alpha. They are born in the mid-to-late 1990s until the early 2010s (approx. 1997–2012). They are digital natives and born with technology all around them. Due to globalization and technological advances, the members of Gen Z are growing up in a more complex world. The society of this generation is faced with daily news from all over the world which makes them more focused on health and wellness (physically and mentally). Generation Z is open to new experiences in a more global context. Currently they are entering the workforce.

„Emerging patterns of change are likely to impact how we live and work. Megatrends are large, social, economic, political, environmental, or technological changes that are slow to form, but once in place can influence a wide range of activities, processes, and perception, possibly for decades. They are the underlying forces that drive change in global markets and impact our everyday lives. “

Generation Z is a generation of #Activism (Feminism, Veganism, Climate, Gender Diversity, Social Justice, etc…)

Generation Z is a generation of #Identity (cultures are merging, born in a world where everything is possible, they need an identity which has nothing to do with a country, with race, ethnicity, and nationality, it’s about values, tastes and preferences)

Generation Z is a generation of #TechSavvyness (born in a technological world)

But what does that have to do with their travel behavior?

Gen Z, as Activists, are more sustainable and aware about their carbon footprint while traveling:

  • Ecotourism and climate awareness which goes beyond transportation. Food, accommodation and clothing are also big factors.
  • Slow Tourism gets more attractive (seeing fewer places with more time)
  • Rediscovering the local and “the near”.
  • Hiking surges during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Travel is more about connecting than consuming
  • New definitions of #luxury (nature, cruelty free, ethical)
  • Trend: Airbnb local host, to connect to local culture
  • “Hiking resonates with remoteness, independence, sustainability, away from technology.”

Gen Z, as a generation of identity, has a spending power which shapes their behavior while traveling.

  • Lower spending power than other generations
  • Shaping what kind of choices they are making and what kind of preferences they have
  • Seeking for value-based events e.g. there is a rise in microfestivals tailored to specific tastes, preferences and social affiliation (i.e. spiritual or vegan festivals)
  • Solo female travels on the rise
  • Car is increasingly losing its importance as a status symbol (Generation with fewest driver’s licenses)

Gen Z, as Tech Savvy:

  • Instagram, TikTok and YouTube determine where Gen Z travel
  • Metaverse will create new ways of “moving” and experiencing
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS) paves the way for a new mobility culture
  • The economy of intangibles will shape future of consumption (e.g. crypto currency)
  • Influencers (Micro+Macro) have become a new travel guide and are replacing old-school travel agents
  • MaaS is making the car just another means of transportation (alongside the bike, e-scooter, uber driver, hiking) and enable tech savvy people to travel everywhere
  • The inception of the Metaverse might allow new traveling experiences to appear: Assassins’ creed developer recreated ancient Egypt using leading experts, so players can explore a world with new locations where they have never been to

Generation Z is forming and shaping the future of traveling and our behavior.

FOLO is contributing to this generation in many ways. It all sums up to creating a unique experience which is one of our highest priorities. Did you know about all these facts? Do you belong to GenZ and find similarities of your behavior?

We are curious to hear your opinion.

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